Practical Chinese

Practical Chinese is the starting point for zero-based Chinese learners. There are 100 + everyday words and 20 + high-frequency sentence patterns. The course is in the form of“Knowledge + culture”. It is easy and fun. Ten Chinese communication scenes, simulate the actual communication scenes, experience the charm of Chinese, and bid farewell to“Ineffective learning”. Make sure you learn the most useful knowledge of Chinese in the shortest time.


Practical Chinese is a course composed of ten daily Chinese communication scenes, such as Pinyin, taking a taxi, asking for directions, asking for help, money, hotel, health, subway, ordering and shopping. It is suitable for learners with zero Chinese foundation to get a preliminary understanding of daily Chinese expressions and common Chinese culture. The course here covers a wide range of content, pays attention to practicality, and can help zero-based learners learn the most and most extensive Chinese knowledge in a limited time.


Best Way to Start Learning Mandarin

In the network era of efficient learning, phubbers can use the time to brush their mobile phones to

Learn Chinese from every aspect of your life first, because it will make learning Chinese easy and easy, and it will open the door to a whole new language quickly. After work and life, we have a lot of fragments of time, that can be used to learn Chinese, the choice of online learning is more in line with our busy fast-paced life today.


Language learning requires daring to speak, so you need an enthusiastic and professional putonghua course teacher.

“All things are difficult before they start”, and many people give up learning Chinese before they open the door to it. Yes, but Chinese learning is difficult and interesting. Many people can’t stand the boredom and difficulty at the beginning. At this time, you need a good Chinese teacher to help you find the right learning method, let you see an interesting Chinese world, and make your Chinese learning more efficient.


Understanding Chinese traditional folk customs and culture is particularly important in Chinese learning.

As we all know, there are great cultural differences between China and the West, and there are many things we should pay attention to in language, diet, travel and so on. The words, sentence patterns and grammar in the book can only tell you how to take the exam. It is very important to really use Chinese in life, or to travel and live in China, and to master the relevant Chinese cultural background and some small knowledge of traditional culture.


Practical Chinese Course Advantages

Simulate the actual communication scene so that you can communicate with your teacher in Chinese in class.

If you have a travel plan to visit China, it’s perfect to learn Practical Chinese. There are words and sentences analysis and dialogue examples in each lesson of this course, which can fully practice the use of sentences in different environments, learn Chinese in situations, and experience the fun of Chinese tourism in advance. Say goodbye to the boring of traditional Chinese learning, and say goodbye to “ineffective learning” that can’t really be used.


Chinese classroom with rich content of “knowledge points+cultural points”

As we all know, there are great cultural differences between China and the West, and there are many things we should pay attention to in language, diet, travel and so on. Therefore, we have solved this problem for everyone in Practical Chinese. Each lesson has cultural navigation, or Chinese cultural knowledge or life skills, to better help you get familiar with the Chinese language environment. Help you easily avoid cultural embarrassment, let you speak authentic Chinese, and surprise your Chinese friends with your Chinese expression and ability.