Pinyin Course

Suitable for children from all over the world who have little or no knowledge of Chinese; Learning Pinyin through storytelling and fun games; Comprehensive development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing; Self-reading Chinese stories instantly; Read stories in Chinese immediately


Learn Han Yu Pin Yin Online (Age: 5-8 years old)


The colorful storyline of “Around the Pinyin Planet” transforms the boring single finals letters, compound finals letters, and initial letters into cute elves, making pinyin spelling easy to understand and fun.



Combined with children’s cognitive rules, the course adopts the learning steps of “self-discovery, self-summary, teacher guidance, and practical application” to master pinyin easily and efficiently.



Connected to real life, from recognition to spelling, from exploration and discovery to integration, children’s sense of achievement in learning is satisfied in various aspects.



Knowledge learning is closely linked to the plot of the game, allowing children to say goodbye to the pressure of traditional boring phonics learning.


Best Way To Learn Pinyin

Read more. This is the first step to learning Pinyin well. First of all, we should let children know these Pinyin, and read Pinyin more to deepen their understanding ability. Learning Pinyin should not be rushed for success. Children who have just learned Pinyin have the poor understanding ability and will not learn it normally. Read it three to five times a day, or you can play some spelling games.


Write more. It is best to read and write while paying attention to the correct position of pinyin letters in four lines and three squares; After each pinyin can be written, start dictation or dictation. It takes time to memorize them. After a week of persistence, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you have mastered them.


Practice. After reading and writing, you should practice more, which is mainly an intensive exercise after reading and writing. It’s best to make some phonetic cards of single finals, play games, and compete with family and friends to see who can spell more compound finals. You can also make all the Pinyin into cards, and read out the card when you draw it.


Use it more. If you learn Pinyin, you should apply it to real life. Read more Chinese books with Pinyin and practice Pinyin in reading; Try typing with the Pinyin input method on your mobile phone or computer; Pay more attention to practice in life, so that you will be able to use it flexibly soon.