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3D Printing for Consumer Electronics

Key Benefits of 3D Printed Electronics


Better Agility

As in other industries, 3D printing technology primarily contributes to more agile manufacturing and provides manufacturers with methods better suited for on-demand and small batch manufacturing.


Efficiency at a Better Price

3D printing is more cost effective than small-scale traditional manufacturing techniques. This makes small production runs of a specific device or product more affordable than subtractive manufacturing. With lower manufacturing costs per unit, it is not necessary to produce and sell as much equipment as possible to make the manufacturing process worthwhile.


Customizable Capabilities

Low manufacturing costs mean that customization may also be more cost effective. For some devices, such as medical electronics, it is often impractical to make a device for each patient, even if it would make the device more efficient. 3D printing can help manufacturers deliver such customized products to customers. It may also make specialized medical devices more affordable.