• $2000

Reach-In Environmental Chamber

LIB reach-in environmental chambers simulate different environmental conditions such as high temperature and high humidity, high temperature and low humidity, low temperature and high humidity, high temperature, low temperature conditions. Our reach in test chambers can be customized according to your requirements. Many additional options are available both regarding control and confugurations.


Features and Benefits of Reach-In Environmental Chamber

1. The reach-in environmental chamber can simulate temperature, humidity, corrosion, altitude, sand, rain, noxious gases and other environmental conditions.

2. The reach in test chambers is equipped with a standard sample holder, and can also be equipped with special fixtures to achieve diversified testing requirements.

3. The reach-in environmental chamber has standard model and customized model to choose from. The chamber has a complete range of models.

4. LIB team responds quickly, has high work efficiency and can delivery the chamber as soon as possible.