During The Development Stage, Our Reliability Tests Are Used To Expose And Analyze The Failure Laws And Related Failure Modes And Failure Mechanisms Of Products Under Different Environmental And Stress Conditions

Method of Reliability Test Evaluate The Reliability Of Products Reaching Predetermined Indicators

Conduct Types of Reliability Appraisal Of Finalized Products Or Acceptance

In Order To Improve Product Reliability, Formulate And Improve Reliability Test Plans


Types Of Reliability Test Service

Divided by environmental conditions, reliability test methods can be divided into simulation test and field test under various stress conditions.

Divided by test items, method of reliability test is divided into environmental test, life test, accelerated test and various special tests.


According to the test purpose, it can be divided into screening test, identification test and acceptance test.

According to the nature of the reliability test design, it can be divided into two categories: destructive test and non-destructive test.


What Is A Reliability Testing?

Reliability testing refers to testing and verifying the reliability of products. The research finds out the weak points of the product with limited samples, time, and usage costs. 

Reliability test is a general term for various tests conducted to understand, evaluate, analyze and improve the reliability of products. Reliability testing is an effective method to eliminate early product defects, increase or test product reliability levels, test product reliability indicators, and evaluate product life indicators by imposing typical environmental stresses and working loads. According to the needs to be achieved, different types of reliability tests can be carried out during the design, development, production and use stages of the product.