RFID Irregular Size Card

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t5577 card    /   t5577 rfid card

Description of RFID Irregular Size Card


RFID irregular size card can be easily carried with a key ring. Therefore, it has become a good choice for applications such as membership management, cashless payment, and access control.

DTB has some nice RFID irregular size card designs. At the same time, DTB can also customize products that customers like.



Chip Options


Size Options; Current Size Options by Following List;Customized Size Created by Mould

Antenna Options; Copper Wire; Aluminium Foil

Base Material; PVC;PET;ABS;PETG

Printing Options; Offset CMYK Printing;Digital Printing

Surface Finish; Glossy;Matt;Frosted

Numbering Options; Black Laser Code;Yellow Laser Code;UV Ink Code

UID List Options; Hexadecimal Format;Decimal Format


Personalization Options of RFID Irregular Size Card

●various numbering options   ●magnetic stripe

●silver/gold background   ●UV spot

●Signature strip    ●Hologram


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