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PTCME302 Chip Module Encapsulation Machine


PTCME302 represents a new generation of high-speed smart card module adhesive packaging, packaging thickness measurement, and packaging appearance inspection system.


100% online control of the entire process, minimizing manual intervention and saving labor costs.


The latest gluing program design of the 16 nozzle gluing head makes the gluing quality higher, easier to maintain, and thus achieves simpler operations. Compared with traditional UV gas discharge lamps, the curing unit configuration of PTCME302 significantly reduces the space occupied by the LED UV lamp, while increasing its power, resulting in higher production efficiency.


To save factory labor costs and effectively control product quality, PTCME302 is equipped with module packaging thickness detection units and module strip surface defect detection units.


Specifications of PTCME302-Chip Module Encapsulation Machine



Full fill: 33000UPH; Dam filling: 23000UPH





Power Supply

220V(-5%~+10%), 50Hz, 8KW

Air Supply

Pressure: 0.6Mpa; Flow rate: 1500LPM



Operation Temperature

Room temperature: 23℃±3℃

Operation Humidity



Functions of PTCME302-Chip Module Encapsulation Machine



Issuing/receiving Unit

1. Loadable inner diameter φ 40mm (without keyway), outer diameter φ 500mm material tray.


2. Loadable inner diameter φ P40mm (without keyway), outer diameter φ 500mm protective belt material tray.


Stripe Drive Unit

1. Equipped with strip tensioning, forward transmission, and reverse rewinding functions.


2. Using servo motor and needle wheel for strip transmission.


3. Strip running accuracy ≤ ± 0.1mm.


Feed Detection Unit

1. Used to detect waste holes and edge holes in strip incoming materials.


2. Install X/Y sliding table at the bottom of the mechanism for precise adjustment of sensor position.


Gluing Unit

1. Equipped with 2 sets of adhesive heads suitable for 9.5mm specification strips, each with 16 adhesive nozzles.


2. Optional 14.25mm adhesive head, with 16 nozzles for each adhesive head.


3 Applicable types of glue include: dam building glue and filling glue.


4. The gluing head is driven by an X/Y/Z three-axis motion mechanism, with a three-axis motion accuracy of ≤ ± 0.1mm and a sealing thickness accuracy of ≤ ± 0.03mm.


5. The zero position correction function of the Z axis of the glue nozzle allows for recalibration of the height of the Z axis of the glue nozzle after replacing the glue head.


Visual Positioning Unit

1. Each adhesive unit is equipped with a visual positioning system after installation.


2. The visual positioning system has module strip positioning function and adhesive detection function.


3. The visual positioning system and the three-axis motion mechanism of the gluing unit are linked and controlled to ensure the position accuracy after gluing is ≤ ± 0.1mm.


4. Configure a 5 megapixel camera.


UV Curing Unit

1. Configure a 1.2 meter V lamp system.


2. The UV lamp can be automatically raised and lowered through software control. When the UV lamp experiences attenuation, the curing effect of the UV lamp can be improved by adjusting the height of the lamp.


3. The overall UV lamp can be moved backwards through software control and has the function of flipping backwards by 90 °, making it convenient for U replacement or maintenance.


Thickness Measuring Unit

1. Simultaneously configure 8 length meters.


2. Equipped with adjustment functions in X, Y, and Z directions.


Gun Waste Unit

1. Treatment of chip gun waste holes that fail thickness testing and adhesive appearance defect testing.


2. Use the chasing gun waste mode, with a diameter of 2 ± 0.1mm and a positional error of ≤ ± 0.2mm.


Advantages of PTCME302-Chip Module Encapsulation Machine




Real time monitoring of adhesive coating effect and packaging thickness.



Visual adhesive trajectory design allows for easy creation of adhesive paths.



Glue coating accuracy ± 30um Damming and filling or double filling production mode.



Fully automatic X/Y direction adjustable gun waste hole function detailed production data report.



Optional visual defect detection function.