Silicone Window & Door Sealant



One component, neutral, room temperature curing building silicone sealant, and non-corrosive for most of the building materials.


Excellent weatherproofing, long performance life.


Excellent adhesive strength for most building materials.


Scope of Use of Silicone Window & Door Sealant

Sealing of glazing, and the installation of windows and doors.


Sealing of building construction, aluminum, steel, stone, and ceramics and so on.


Sealing of glazed decoration indoor.


Use Restriction of Silicone Window & Door Sealant

Cannot be used as a silicone structural sealant.


Not suitable for long-term underground joints and soaking places.


Not suitable for the building materials contain grease seep.


Before silicone cure fully, cannot cut off from the air.


Important Notes of Silicone Window & Door Sealant

Used in a well-ventilated environment, because the sealant will release volatile compounds in the curing process.


Before cured, avoid contact with the skin for a long time in direct, in case of contact with eyes, rinse clean with water immediately, and please seek medical assistance.


Fully cured sealant is not hazardous, not harmful to the skin.


If swallow sealant, please seek medical assistance.


Packing Specification of Silicone Window & Door Sealant

Plastic packaging, 300ml/tube, 24tubes/ctn.