Windows 10 Rugged Tablet

Windows 10 system is currently one of the mainstream desktop systems of RUGGED Tablet.It has higher performance and a smooth experience.By running Windows 10 on a rugged tablet, you can stay in sync with the latest system and access everything you might need.Our rugged tablet is available in various versions of window 10 home/pro/IOT/S mode, which can meet the needs of all industries.


Types of Windows10 Rugged Tablet

8” Intel: EM-I86H Barcode scanner Rugged Tablet

10” Intel: EM-I15H High-brightness Tablet

10” Intel: EM-I16H Windows 10 Rugged Tablet

10” Intel: EM-I16K Fingerprint/NFC Rugged PC

10” Intel: EM-I10U win7/Linux Rugged PC

8” Intel: EM-I88H Windows 10 Industrial Tablet

12” Intel: EM-I20U Industrial Tablet

8” Intel: EM-I86 IP67 level Industrial PC

7” Intel: EM-I75H Front fingerprint Rugged PC


Features of windows 10 rugged tablet

Common and Cost-effective

In many more traditional industries, business users are more accustomed to and recognize the windows 10 system because it is so widespread and easy to use.


Unparalleled Application

The Windows Store may not be the best app store around, but for businesses, it has everything you might need and more features.



As Windows was built from the ground up, they have a direct focus on being able to run multiple apps at the same time. While other software can do this, none really do this as well as Windows.


FAQ of windows 10 rugged tablet

Which Windows 10 rugged tablet does Emdoor Information currently have?

What is the version of the Windows10 ruggedized tablet at the time of shipment?

Can Emdoor Information help us customize the Windows 10 system?