Ningbo Maolin Plastic Technology Co.,ltd offer acrylic products in various lines of applications, such as lighting, furniture, architecture, display tool and hospital. Maolin’s acrylic products will not fail your anticipation.


Acrylic Application In Display Tools

More and more brands choose to use acrylic shelves and acrylic display stands to display their luxury products in order to attract their customers. Acrylic in displaying function is its most widely us…


Acrylic Application in Lighting

Acrylic material has recently increase their popularity in lighting market with their good trait and high quality. More and more designers are begining to use acrylic material to shape various lighting design.


Acrylic Application in Furniture

Acrylic can be widely used in home furniture. Although it is not widely seen at everybody’s home, as it’s quite expensive and heavy in weight. We can see many acrylic furniture in some luxury hotels, bars and resorts.


Acrylic Application in Architecture

There are a lot of landmark tall buildings are embedded with this kind of transparent glass, these glasses make these buildings look more high-end, in fact these glasses are acrylic sheets.


Acrylic Application in Hospital

Acrylic products are also widely used in hospital facilities. Acrylic is non-toxic and is of long lifespan. Because of its highly transparent feature, easily machined, and many other good essences, we can really observe many small or big objects made of plexiglass in hospital.