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Stem Cell Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

Under the pressure of a fast-paced lifestyle nowadays, male erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more common, and the occurrence tends to trend toward the younger population.In recent years, stem cells have been used in the treatment of ED, and more and more cases have shown that stem cells can effectively improve ED in men.


The Beneficial Effects Of Stem Cell Therapy On Erectile Dysfunction


As the stem cells enter the body, their homing effect could help them reach the lesions of the male reproductive system accurately and stem cells could completely repair the damaged tissue from all aspects. Stem cells can promote the vascular regeneration and nerve repair of the corpus cavernosum. At the same time, stem cells can also increase the blood supply speed and volume of the dorsal penile artery to the corpus cavernosum, therefore enhancing the hardness and size of the penis during erection. In addition, the new cells differentiated from stem cells can play the role of secreting male hormones like normal testicular cells, which can maximize sperm motility and enhance testicular function. The patient’s overall physical condition will also be improved, thus becoming healthier, younger, and more energetic, all together stem cell therapy will significantly improve the quality of life.


Stem cell therapy has significant effects in the following aspects:


Regulates hormone levels to normal status


Restores erectile function


Increases sexual desire


Increases hardness and size of the penis during erection


Improves sperm motility


Improves sex experience


Improves sleep quality and reduces anxiety




Improves overall immune system function


The Conditions Of Erectile Dysfunction That Stem Cell Therapy Can Treat


When ED occurs, patients will have obvious symptoms, including, physical and psychological ones, and we can judge whether they have ED based on these symptoms. When conventional treatment methods can’t achieve a good enough therapeutic effect, stem cell therapy will be a good choice, as the following symptoms can be well improved by stem cell therapy:


Difficulty during erection


Short erection time


Low sexual desire


Pain during sex


Ejaculation disorder




Listlessness, low mood


Sore back and weak limbs/legs


A large number of preclinical studies and clinical cases have shown that stem cell treatment for ED is safe and effective, and stem cells have become the most advanced means of treating ED caused by various reasons!


Learn More About Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the inability of men to consistently achieve or maintain a sufficient erection to complete satisfactory sexual intercourse, which usually lasts for more than 3 months. ED is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men. It is a chronic disease that affects physical and mental health. It not only affects the life quality of patients and their partners but also may be an early symptom and danger signal of cardiovascular disease.


Penile erection is a series of complex and coordinated physiological processes, which is the result of the interactions among multiple factors such as neuroendocrine regulation, hemodynamic changes, and psychological effects. Abnormality in any of them may lead to erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, the number of ED patients is increasing globally and more and more young people are suffering from the disease. A study carried out in Massachusetts focusing on male aging found that among 1290 randomly selected men aged between 40 and 70, the prevalence of ED was 52%, ED has become one of the most concerning diseases that threaten men’s health.


Risk Factors For Erectile Dysfunction


Generally, intermittent, or occasional ED is common and experienced by many men, usually caused by stress or emotional changes, which is not very concerning. But frequent ED is to be watched out for. Any behavior that may damage cardiovascular or neural system health increases the risk of ED, an unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to ED.


The most common risk factors for ED include:


Arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis)




Side effects from prostate surgery


Taking certain medications (especially those for high blood pressure or depression)


ED can also be caused by:


Low testosterone level


Smoking, alcohol consumption, or drug use such as cocaine


High-stress level, anxiety, depression, and overwork


Neurological disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injury


Cardiovascular diseases


Overweight or obesity


Advantages Of Stem Cell Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction


For ED patients, conventional methods of treating ED include mechanical devices, medications, and prosthesis implantation. Compared with those treatment methods, the SQ1 stem cell medical center utilizes intravenous infusion or locally targeted transplantation to introduce stem cells into the patient’s body. On one hand, stem cells repair damaged tissues and organs, on the other hand, they can regulate the patients’ immune system.


In our clinic, we use stem cells with a positive testosterone receptor, which increases the levels of endogenous and exogenous testosterone. Compared with conventional treatment methods, stem cell therapy has unique advantages:



Stem cell therapy

Conventional treatment

Curative Treatment or diseases management

Stem cell therapy is a new treatment for ED, stem cells can reach various organs and tissues that affect male erection function. Stem cells will repair all damaged parts and promote angiogenesis and nerve repair in the corpus cavernosum, therefore enabling patients to eliminate their dependence on drugs and achieve a spontaneous erection.


Including a mechanical device and medication therapy, mechanical devices can help achieve an erection but are not able to maintain it, medication can only help to temporarily achieve an erection, the dosage will increase over time, and drug resistance may occur.


Those treatments temporarily improve the erection function but cannot completely cure ED.



After 3-6 months of stem cell therapy, the patients can stop taking medications completely and achieve a spontaneous erection.


Stem cell experts will customize an individualized treatment plan based on your current physical condition to decide the number and source of stem cells for the therapy, as well as how many cycles of stem cell therapy are needed.


Patients who are taking medications will find the dosage increases slowly and gradually, and the effect is less and more limited over time, patients may develop drug resistance gradually, and need to take a larger dose or switch to another medication to achieve a normal erection.



No side effects, because the stem cells come from the body itself, their immunogenicity is extremely low, stem cells are produced under very strict quality control, and there are guaranteed no side effects.


Stem cell transplantation, while treating ED, can also repair or enhance the function of other systems such as the immune and neural systems. Stem cells can secrete a variety of anti-inflammatory cytokines, which prevent potential inflammation reactions in advance and improve overall health status.


Many side effects are rooted in conventional therapies. Mechanical device therapy can cause problems such as abrasions and edema. Long-term usage of medications can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, headache, dizziness, glaucoma, and even infertility. Those side effects can cause irreversible damage to the body.


Surgery is also an option for patients who wish not to take medications. But surgery procedure carries an innate risk of infection and prosthesis dysfunction, additionally, another surgery is needed to replace the prosthesis after its expiration date.



Stem cell therapy is performed by stem cell experts and requires specialized laboratories to process stem cells and medical equipment to extract and inject stem cells, After the treatment, the patient does not need to receive repeated or frequent treatment, patients can return to a high-quality life.


The patients treated by medication will require regular maintenance of drugs. And the effect can only be achieved sometime after drug intake. The patients are not able to perform spontaneous erection and are prone to drug dependence and drug resistance development.



After the stem cells are transplanted into to patient’s body, they will repair damaged organs and tissues of men, and completely restore the erectile function of the male patient. The effect is long-lasting. In patients with ED treated by us previously, they all reported no signs of erectile dysfunction. Those patients were also able to return to normal sexual activities during the subsequent one-year follow-up period.


The effect of the medication is short-term. It is necessary to take the medication or use a mechanical device to cooperate with medication before sex. The effectiveness is generally half an hour to one hour.


How Can Stem Cells Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction Work


Clinical studies and patient cases have shown that stem cells can repair and regenerate the reproductive system, delay the aging of reproductive organs, and restore the sexual function of male patients. Stem cells work primarily through the following mechanisms:


Multi-directional differentiation potential: With self-replication and multi-directional differentiation potential, stem cells can produce new cells to replace damaged or dead cells. Stem cells promote angiogenesis and nerve repair in the corpus cavernous and regenerate small blood vessels, repair damaged or blocked arterioles and capillaries, and therefore improve vascular microcirculation and fundamentally increase the speed and volume of blood flow into the corpus cavernous, resulting in a faster erection response and increased penile hardness.


Paracrine effect: Stem cells can secrete a variety of bioactive growth factors such as nerve growth factor (NGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), insulin-like growth factor (IGF), and brain-derived growth factor (BDNF) after being infused into the body. Among them, NGF, IGF, and BDNF have the effect of promoting neuron regeneration, and VEGF promotes angiogenesis. Taking all together, stem cells will promote nerve repair and angiogenesis at the injured site. thereby reducing the fibrosis of cavernous tissue, while inhibiting other inflammatory diseases that may affect erectile function, including prostatitis, nephritis, etc.




Immunomodulatory effect: Stem cell therapy regulates and produces cytokines to repair damaged tissue cells, and inhibit the immune response from damaged cell proliferation, thus fundamentally eliminating the basis for the disease.


SQ1 Stem Cell Services

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