The Application of Water Insoluble Polymer

SINOFLOC superabsorbent polymers (known as SAP) are water insoluble polymer, cross-linked copolymer of acrylic acid. It can absorb water which is hundreds to thousands of times heavier than its own, and it has excellent water retention. Once the absorbed water is expanded into a hydrogel, it is difficult to separate the water even when it is pressed. Therefore, it is widely used in personal hygiene products, industrial and agricultural production, civil construction and other fields.


Because of the strong water absorption capacity and excellent water retention property, the Water Insoluble Polymer absorbent is widely used in agriculture and forestry fields as the soil water retention agent. China is lack of water resources. Therefore, the application of water retaining agent becomes more and more important. Currently in domestic, Water Insoluble Polymer (SAP) products have been used for many kinds of plants in the fields such as grain, cotton, oil, sugar, tobacco, fruit, vegetables, forest etc. And in the northwest, Inner Mongolia and other areas, we use the high absorbent resin to control sand and afforest in large area. The high absorbent resin used in this area is mainly starch grafted acrylic acid salt polymerized crosslinking and acrylamide – acrylic acid salt copolymer, in which salt has been transferred from sodium to potassium type. The method is mainly used to mix seed, spray, acupoint, or soak plant roots with water and high absorbent resin. At the same time, the fertilizer can be coated with high absorbent resin, and the utilization ratio of fertilizer can be fully utilized to prevent waste and pollution.


Since the superabsorbent polymers features non-toxic, non-irritating to human body, non-side effects and without causing blood coagulation, it has been widely used in the field of medicine and daily use in recent years. It is mainly used as sanitary napkin, baby diapers, napkin, medical ice bag, etc. Superabsorbent (SAP) is a kind of typical functional polymer materials. It can absorb water which is hundreds of times or even a thousand times as its own weight, and has a strong capacity of water retaining, so it is also called super absorbent or water absorbent resin SAP. The effect on diapers is becoming more and more important, becoming an important part of the diaper absorption chip. Sinofloc SAP can absorb and spread quickly when the liquid penetrates to ensure that the diaper keep dry.