Vascular, Cardiovascular / Thoracic Surgery Instruments

Vascular surgery is a branch of surgery, mainly for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of peripheral vascular diseases except for cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases. Cardiac surgery is one of the branches of the surgical field. It mainly treats heart diseases with surgery, such as heart bypass surgery, congenital heart disease surgery, valve replacement, and so on. BHKY Comknife® vascular surgery instruments solve the difficulty of the operation and achieve the effect of fine dissection and separation of blood vessels. The best assistant for precision cutting surgery.


Vascular, Cardiovascular / Thoracic Surgery Instruments List


Vessel Dissection Knife


Vessel dissection scalpel is specially designed for vascular surgeries. Its depth-limit design provents the vascular instrument set to cut through the vessel walls during incisions.


Vessel Stripping Knife


This scraper blade is specially designed to be used in vascular surgeries. Its double blades can not only perform dissection but stripping as well.


Vascular, Cardiovascular / Thoracic Surgery Procedures


Coronary artery bypass surgery is an open heart operation. The operation will be carried out in two parts, one for the heart itself and the other for the bypass vessels in the leg.


The bypass vessels would bridge over the blocked area of the coronary artery, restoring blood supply to the heart muscle.


Vascular/Thoracic Surgery Instruments Set FAQs

Does microvascular surgery instruments run on electricity?

No. The microvascular surgical instruments set are passive surgical instruments.


What’s the suitable indications or procedures of vascular medical devices?

Arteriovenous fistula surgery, carotid endarterectomy, coronary Bypass, valvuloplasty.


What’s the vascular surgery instruments set angles design for?

In vascular or cardiovascular surgeries, the operators usually need to adjust the angles of the vascular surgery tools in the different surgical fields.


Can I have free vascular surgical instruments set samples?

Maximum quantity is 2pcs. Please contact us for samples.