Plastic Surgery Instruments Set

Plastic surgery and Burns refer to the plastic repair after burns. The malformation after burn trauma is characterized by tissue defect, displacement or hyperplasia. Patients with mild clinical manifestations involve cosmetic appearance, and patients with severe clinical manifestations often lead to dysfunction and heavy psychological burden. The treatment of burn plastic surgery should choose different surgical methods according to the specific situation of patients. In principle, tissue reduction should be used for tissue displacement. If there are too many tissues, tissue resection should be used. Tissue transplantation should be used for tissue defects. BHKY Comknife® plastic surgery tool/scalpel solves the difficulty of the operation and achieve the effect of fine dissection and separation of tissues. The best assistant for precision cutting surgery.


Plastic Surgery And Burns Procedures


According to the defect site and blood supply, the following methods were used to design the flap: propelling flap, rotating flap, axial flap or island flap.


During the operation, the expander was taken out, and the flap was designed according to the above method. The lesion was removed according to the area that the flap could repair, and the incision was sutured without tension.


Plastic Surgery Tools FAQs


Does this plastic surgery knife run on electricity?

No. Our plastic surgery microsurgery instruments are non-electric plastic micro surgical blades.


What’s the advantages of BHKY plastic surgeon equipment compared to conventional scalpels?

As a professional plastic surgery equipment supplier, our cosmetic surgery equipment and instruments are smaller, sharper and preciser.

What’s the sutiable indications or procedures in plastic surgery?

Vascular pedicle flap graft, Lacrimal gland filling and other fine facial beauty

Can I have free plastic surgery scalpel samples?

The maximum quantity of our plastic surgery scalpel is 2pcs. Please contact us for samples.