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CNC Machine Tool Touch Probe Stylus

As an important component of the probe measurement system, the probe stylus/sensor is mainly composed of three parts: the stylus ball, the stylus rod, and the stylus handle. A stylus is the part of the measuring system which makes contact with the component, causing the probe’s mechanism to displace. The generated signal enables a measurement to be taken. The feature to be inspected dictates the type and size of the stylus used. The CNC machine tool probe sensor is an important execution element when measuring as a trigger sensor in a machine tool probe.  The stylus range comprises many different types, varying in size and material. We divided the styli into 4 types according to the different styli handles. M2, M3, M4, and M5. It attaches great importance to choose the right stylus for your application. We will help you choose the right design for each inspection need.