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Washroom Container


Container washroom is a classified product of container use refinement. It is a new type of environmental protection product with modular functions such as bath and toilet. It is an upgraded product based on the refitted container house. It has independent sewage treatment system, exhaust system, according to the customer’s requirement, we, as one of the professional toilet container suppliers, may add central air conditioning, automatic induction system, microbial degradation treatment system, electric heating, air purification system, environmental monitoring system, automatic exhaust, power heating system.


The toilet container can be quickly disassembled and assembled. The container bathrooms for sale can be moved anywhere according to the changes of visitors and construction site, which has the advantages of adaptability, creativity, low price, low carbon, environmental protection, easy to move and high safety.


Product Parameters of Washroom Container



Product Type:

20ft portable container restroom toilet


L6058*W2438*H2591mm, other size is optional


Channel steel structure ( galvanized )+insulated sandwich panels+ fiberglass


Toilet, shower, wash basin, urinals, waste tank, water tank, A/C, fans, hand dryer, perfume dispenser, electrical and plumbing


Fashion, beauty, easy to move and quick to install


Anti-slip flooring, aluminium ceiling board, composite decoration board


White, green, can be customized


Polyurethane, EPS, IEPS, rock wool, glass wool


Knockdown or completely finish load inside 40ft container for shipping


Washroom Container Advantages

Modular design, easy to move, suitable for seaworthy and inland transportation.


Move easily, quickly and efficiently from one site to another among toilet container for sale.


Low carbon and environmental protection, landscape design can be installed to be harmonious and unified with the surrounding geographical environment.


Safe and comfortable, according to the characteristics of bathing, the design considers the special needs such as high humidity, non-slip, ventilation, etc.