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BZY cat food treats are currently the healthiest and most suitable food for pet cats. Our wholesale bulk cat food is developed according to the nutritional needs of cats for growth, which contains the nutrients that cats need for growth. As a professional bulk cat food supplier in China, BZY Pet also provides OEM cat food for private labels.


Wholesale Bulk Cat Food List

Cat Dry Food

Cat dry food is a type of cat food that is popular among pet owners. This bulk cat food series comes in dry kibble form, contains a balance of protein, grains, and vegetables, and is convenient to store and feed.


Cat Snack Wet Food

Cat snack wet food is a type of food that comes in a small serving, typically used as a treat or as a supplement to a cat’s regular diet. This wholesale cat food contains meat and gravy or sauce.

Why Get Wholesale Bulk Cat Food From BZY Pet?

Supports a healthy, beautiful coat with essential amino acids and fatty acids


Encourages a healthy gut and better digestion


Provides high-quality protein for higher energy levels


Help your cat maintain a healthy weight


Can improve the immune system of cats


Supports joint and bone health


No artificial preservatives not approved for human use


How to Feed Cat Food?

1. Always prepare clean drinking water for cats to drink at any time.


2. Kittens can be fed kitten dry food from the age of 4 weeks.


3. When feeding kitten cat food for 4-9 week old cats, they need to be soaked in warm water before feeding.


4. Kittens after 10 weeks can gradually reduce the amount of water soaked in cat food until they completely transition to dry food.


BZY Wholesale Bulk Cat Food FAQS


What is a cat’s natural diet?


A cat’s natural diet is one rich in meat or fish, as cats are true carnivores. Cat food treats should contain natural sources of essential amino acids, such as taurine, and be free of artificial flavors or additives, and other such harmful substances.



How is the material of your bulk cat food series?


All of our meat cuts come from animals that have been inspected by veterinarians and are fit for human consumption.



What ingredients in cat food can cause allergies?


It really depends on allergies or intolerances, but in general, hypoallergenic foods are free of eggs, dairy, and grains, as these are the most common causes of intolerances in cats. Grain is especially problematic for cats and can lead to ear infections and skin irritation.



: How to choose wholesale bulk cat food for my private labels?


Choose cat food based on the ingredients in the food. You can also manufacture OEM cat food based on the cat’s type and age so it gets the nutrients and energy it needs to thrive.