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Dog dry food is a special dog food made by mixing many nutritious raw materials, then puffing or extruding, and then drying, dehydrating, seasoning and other processes. The moisture content is generally below 12%. Due to its comprehensive nutrition, long shelf life, convenient feeding and portability, and affordable prices, wholesale dry dog food is more and more accepted and sought after by dog owners and dealers. Meanwhile, the dry bulk dog food is also easy to digest and absorb. The digestibility of BZY dry dog food wholesale can reach about 70%. In addition, its unit heat energy can reach 6.27~6.69KJ/kg, which is very rich in energy.


Dry Dog Food Wholesale List


Puppy Dry Food

BZY dry dog food wholesale for puppies offer a convenient and nutritious way to provide essential nutrients for young dogs during the crucial stages of growth and development.


Adult Dog Dry Food

It is a shelf-stable and nutritious food option for adult dogs. This bulk buy dry dog food series provides essential nutrients to support their health, energy, and wellbeing.

Why Buy BZY Pet Wholesale Dry Dog Food In Bulk?

Good for teeth


BZY dry dog food wholesale has been puffed. It is crunchy but also has a certain hardness, and has a certain effect of cleaning and exercising teeth. Dogs that do not eat dog food have far more dental calculus and tooth loss than dogs that eat dog food.


Good for stomach


Dog food is the main food, with a small amount of fruit and snacks, the food is relatively stable, and it is not easy to cause diarrhea in dogs. BZY high protein dry dog food is matched with an appropriate amount of crude fiber, which can effectively promote the peristalsis of the dog’s digestive tract, make the dog defecate smoothly, and prevent anal gland inflammation to a certain extent.


Not easy to cause anorexia in dogs


Puppies who eat pure meat, liver and other foods for a long time can easily cause dogs to be picky eaters. Dogs are used to the taste of meat, so they will no longer want to eat dog food with little taste. It is best to feed dogs dog food from an early age, so that dogs can develop good eating habits, so that they will gradually develop not to be picky , no anorexia behavior.


How to Feed Dog Dry Food?

1. Feeding should be combined with the breed, type and physiological stage of the pet dog.


2. You can mix dry food with drink water, or soak it wet before feeding, and let the pet eat the food and water together. At the same time, you can also add some liquid “”attractants”” to the dog food, such as boneless broth, yogurt, etc., stir them evenly, and let the dog swallow them together.


3. The temperature of dog food should be 1-2°C higher than the body temperature, and it should be controlled at about 40°C. No matter how high the temperature is, pets will refuse to eat, and in severe cases, it will cause oral burns. Similarly, too low a temperature can easily cause diarrhea in pets.


4. Do not feed pets anytime, anywhere and without regularity. Normally, puppies are fed 2 to 4 times a day. As the age grows, the number of feedings gradually decreases; adult dogs are fed 1-2 times a day, and it is not advisable to let the pet eat too much. Generally speaking, it is enough to feed the pet dog 70 to 80 percent full.


BZY Dry Dog Food Wholesale FAQS


Does a pet’s age matter when buying pet food?


Dogs of different ages have different nutritional needs. For example, for young pets, the owner should choose dry dog food for puppy series, which is higher in calories to support their growth and has higher intakes of certain essential nutrients that support normal development. Pet food labels generally indicate whether the dry dog food wholesale is suitable for growing puppies, adult dogs, or pets of all life stages.



What should I know about the different types of pet food?


Both Dry and wet pet food are safe, nutritionally balanced choices for pets. The main difference between wet and dry bulk dog food is the cooking process and moisture content. The wholesale dry dog food on the market typically contains 10-12% moisture while wet pet food contains 75-78% moisture.



What ingredients should pet lovers look for?


OEM pet food manufacturers consider a combination of ingredients when developing cat or dog food formulations to ensure that each serving is complete and balanced, meaning it meets the pet’s overall nutritional needs and provides the proper levels of essential nutrients.



Does it matter how pet food is stored at home?


Storage of dry bulk dog food is an important part of food safety. Proper tips for storing bulk dry dog food include inspecting the packaging for damage, storing bagged and canned pet food in a dry, cool place off the ground.