Wholesale Linen Sheets & Bedding Sets in Bulk


A linen set include pillow case or pillow sham, flat sheet or fitted sheet, duvet cover.all of them could be made by your requst. In the next 30 years, we will continue to weave every product carefully to help every hotel room sell well,Each piece passed STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.


Amain linen bed sheet set wholesale factory provides various types of linen hotel bedding sheet sets in bulk for sale. You can enjoy the great discounts of the hotel series of linen bed sheets set in customized sizes and colours! You can find all kinds of bed sheet and pillowcase set or quilt cover set or bed sheet quilt cover or with a blanket set on Amain. Free shipping is provided for some items.


Bed Sheet Set for Sale

Amain is dedicated to make organic queen linen cotton bedding sheet sets with good quality for hot sleepers. The main types of our linen-cotton sheet set for sale include white sheet set, striped sheet set and undyed sheet set. We can custom bed sheet set for you with wisher color and size.


White Sheet Set

Select 100% high-latitude long-staple cotton, 60S satin woven, with a silky smooth touch. Amain white linen bed sheet set is a good choice to rise the quality of your room while give you much comfort, especially in the humid and cold weather. You can match the hotel grade natural linen sheets sets with wool blankets or silk quilts making you feel dry and warm.


Striped Sheet Set

Classic hotel style satin strip suite, simple and elegant, full color, luxurious and low-key. These striped linen bedroom sheet sets have a beautiful and unique natural fold texture appearance, its neutral tones has combined with classic striped patterns. These soft and eye-catching linen bedroom sheet sets will bring a variety of styles to your comfortable bedding suit, like simple and luxurious styles.


Undyed Sheet Set

removing the bleaching and dyeing process, no formaldehyde, no chemical dye addition, healthy and environmentally friendly,MUJI Hotel from Japan as its representative. The undyed linen sheet set is a new type of organic linen bedding set. The 100% linen has the functions of breath inhalation and temperature regulation. The undyed linen sheet sets can also keep your home clean, comfortable, and especially gentle.


Linen Bed Sheet Set FAQs

What’s Included in Flax Linen Sheet Set?

Flax is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly natural fibers in the world. It has extremely high moisture absorption and low elasticity. The water absorption speed of bed linen sheet set is several times faster than that of cotton. And because of the physical properties of flax, it has a relatively low fabric warp and weft density, better air permeability, and can increase the body’s comfort in hot or humid weather.


How Does Custom Bed Sets From Feel?

Flax is a natural fiber made from the stems of plants of the genus Linn. Its strength is much higher than that of cotton fiber. Therefore, it has a relatively long service life, and it usually starts to wear after three to five years of normal use. Be sure you buy the genuine linen sheet set. And every time you wash it, it will become softer and smoother, which is the opposite of cotton.


What to Look for When Buying Bed Sheets

1. If you want to choose a good linen bedding sheet set, you must first understand the difference between Yulu linen and washed linen, and the difference between fiber raw materials and fabrics.


2. The basis of high-quality linen fabrics is high-quality fiber raw materials, and climate has a huge impact on the growth of flax, and the origin of flax has also become an important factor to measure its quality.


3. The manufacturing process from natural fibers to textiles is very complicated, requiring processes such as retting, cleaning, and wet spinning. The climate required is humid and cool, which is most suitable for flax growth.


4. The shady environment is also beneficial to the natural microbial activity in the natural environment after the flax is harvested to separate the fiber from the central part of the hemp rod to achieve the purpose of degumming, and then the hemp fiber is obtained by pressing and combing by experienced workers.


Why Choose Amain Bed Sheet Set Factory

The history of linen in China is not long, and the price of linen bed sheet set sale is expensive, so the choice of modern bed linen sets is restricted in Guigui, IKEA and ZA Home. In market, it is mixed good and bad products. However, Amain has a professional and technological linen bed sheet set wholesale factory in China and can manufacture real high-quality linen bedding for our customers. Surely the bedroom linen sets you bought from Amain will greatly enhance the taste of your bedroom and improve your life quality at a higher level.