Hotel Pillow Wholesale

Amain can offer you high-quality pillow. While focusing on product details, it also takes into account comfort and durability,Give you a clean, safe and luxurious sleep experience.


As a reliable hotel style pillow supplier, Amain provides nice bed rest pillows with good quality, and attractive design. We have various soft and comfort bedroom pillows on sale, all with cheap wholesale price. Our polyester pillow adopting imported materials boasts of its great air permeability. There is no annoying velvet drilling once you are accompanied by our goose down pillow. Pillow with duck down inserts by Amain shows excellent moisture absorption capability.   


Feather Pillows for Sale

Amain, a reputable hotel pillow company, has different kinds of quality feather pillows for sale. Besides the popular antibacterial and anti allergy 100% cotton filled pillow, which can inhibit up to 99% of bacteria, we also provide fluffy goose down pillow, so delicate and exquisite. Our big weighted white duck down pillow is rather soft and warm, giving you a sweet night. Buy them in bulk and get our competitive wholesale price.    


Polyester Pillow

Imported materials are used in this relatively inexpensive polyester pillow. With advanced fiber, sweat produced being well volatilized, the pillow by Amain is rather soft and fluffy to touch.


Goose Down Pillow

This goose down pillow uses the quality goose down from high latitude. The new delicate pillow by Amian is quite durable and you do not have to worry about the velvet drilling.


Duck Down Pillow

There are numerous pores on the fiber of this duck down pillow, which gives this nice bed pillows excellent perspiration function. Let gone the uncomfortable sultry feelings with our quality pillow.


Antibacterial Pillow

This hotel pillow boasts of its great anti allergy capability, preventing almost 99% of bacteria. With a honeycomb internal structure, the antibacterial pillow by Amain shows superior breathability and excellent resilience.


The Features of Hotel Pillows

Hotel polyester bed pillow has excellent anti-wrinkle performance and great elasticity. It helps protect the human cervical spine. Quality polyester fiber pillow has good adaptability, and can adapt to a variety of environmental places. Quite eco friendly, if discarded in nature, it will not affect the natural environment.  


Hotel goose down pillow has the advantages of cold prevention and warmth protection. In the cold winter, most families use comfort goose down pillow, because it has three-dimensional shape of down, which contains a lot of air inside, to block the invasion of cold air. Fluffy goose down pillow is also very comfortable to use, and it can automatically adjust the temperature of the mattress.


Hotel duck down pillow has excellent air permeability, good anti moisture and anti mildew ability, always maintaining a dry environment. It is not easy to produce mites and other harmful bacteria. Weighted duck down pillow has great supporting force and strong resilience, and completely fits the physiological curve of human cervical vertebra, thus protecting your health.