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24V Automotive Relay JQC-3FF-M


The 24V Automotive Relay JQC-3FF-M is a type of electromechanical switch commonly used in automotive applications. It is a small and compact device that can handle up to 10A of current and is designed to operate on a 24V DC voltage. The relay is often used in automotive lighting systems, power windows, door locks, and other types of automotive electronics.


24V Automotive Relay JQC-3FF-M Advantages


One of the key advantages of the JQC-3FF-M relay is its long life. It has a mechanical endurance of 10 million operations and an electrical endurance of 100,000 operations, which means it can last a long time even in harsh environments. The relay is also


Another advantage of the JQC-3FF-M relay is its low power consumption. It requires a low amount of power to operate, which makes it energy efficient and can help to reduce the load on the vehicle’s electrical system. Additionally, the compact size of the24V Automotive Relay JQC-3FF-Mz