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Automotive Precision Machining

CNC machining technologies are widely used in the automotive industry to manufacture high-quality automotive parts that are both cost-effective and efficient. With over 28 CNC technologies in use, including 5 axis machining, milling and turning, micro machining, swiss machining, Sinker EDM, and WEDM, Falcon have the capability to produce a wide range of precision parts for the automotive industry.


Our Swiss machining technology is particularly impressive, allowing for uninterrupted mass processing of complex parts. With its power head design, Swiss machining can perform multiple functions simultaneously, such as turning, milling, grinding, reaming, drilling, boring, threading, end face groove cutting, side groove cutting, side milling, and angle drilling. This allows us to manufacture highly accurate composite shaft and fastener automotive parts with maximum production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


The automotive parts we manufactured are highly favored by wholesalers due to their high-quality and affordable price. At Falcon, we are committed to delivering the best possible value to our customers through cutting-edge technology and exceptional craftsmanship.


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Precision Machining Services & Capabilities

1. High Volume-Falcon has over 300 pieces of equipment, such as 5-axis machining center, turning and milling center, WEDM, EDM, and Swiss machine. These advanced equipment enable multi-axis machining, allowing for one-time clamping of materials, which eliminates inaccuracies and tolerance errors caused by repeated clamping. This high-volume production strategy ensures efficient manufacturing, reduced production time, and the provision of top-quality, cost-effective components to global automotive customers.


2. High Precision, Safety, and Eco-friendly-We are proud to have achieved ISO13485 certification, demonstrating our commitment to producing high-quality, environmentally-friendly automotive parts. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with a skilled engineering team, ensures precision and safety in every product. We are dedicated to meeting the demands of our automotive customers with reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions.


3. Variety-Falcon is dedicated to delivering superior quality automotive parts that surpass industry benchmarks to worldwide automotive parts distributors. Our range of high-precision parts includes automotive fasteners, new energy battery components, brake systems, transmission shafts, suspension parts, throttle shafts, worm and worm gears, exhaust systems, and other custom parts. We are enthusiastic about partnering with you on your upcoming project and discovering new opportunities for collaboration.


Swiss CNC Machining Precision Shafts for Automotive Industry

Precision shafts are a critical component in automobiles, which require high precision in threads, splines, keyways, etc. Falcon’s multi-axis machining machines provide a natural advantage in processing shaft products and are able to turn, milling, drill, gear hobbing, tapping, knurling, and other processes in a single operation, significantly improving production efficiency.


We specialize in producing high-quality automotive products such as gears, valve stems, valve cores, throttle shafts, worms, worm gears, and more.


Swiss Screw Machining Precision Fasteners for New Energy Automotive

Falcon provides various fasteners with strict tolerances for the automotive industry worldwide, such as bolts, studs, screws, nuts, washers, retaining rings, pins, rivets, welding nails, and so on. As an expert in fasteners, Falcon is also very professional in the surface treatment of Swiss screw machine parts, including oxidation, passivation, electroplating, blackening, nitriding, etc.