abby Featured in High Times

With abby, anyone can grow any strain in any space.

Anyone who’s ever grown cannabis at home (or at least given it a try) will tell you that it’s easier said than done. While the process isn’t exactly rocket science, there are certainly a number of obstacles that can get in the way of a successful grow. The equipment can be bulky and complicated to set up. Monitoring and caring for your plant can be time-consuming. But what if there was a device that was easy to set up and did most of the work for you? A number of companies have tried to launch such a product over the years with little to no success. Then came abby, the first of a new generation of automated indoor grow boxes.


Unlike a traditional grow tent, abby comes fully assembled out of the box. Setup is as simple as plugging in the device, pairing it with your iPhone, and done. abby can be up and running in under five minutes. So how does it work? As mentioned, abby is an automated grow box, meaning that the majority of its functions are handled by the device itself with only partial user input required. You’ll still have to provide the plant with food and water, but that too is a breeze. Just download the app, called “hey abby” (currently available for iOS with an Android version scheduled for release in early 2023). The hey abby app provides you with everything from the internal temperature and humidity level to your plant’s height and age. In addition to controlling abby’s functions, the hey abby app also grants access to live one-on-one support from expert growers who can help out a rookie or provide an old pro with some handy tips. There’s also an online community of abby users who are all too happy to share their experiences in a friendly atmosphere. In all, operating abby from the hey abby app is simple and intuitive.