Grow More Together

Building the world’s first automated grow box wasn’t all that we set out to do. We wanted to bring users together into a growing community to share their knowledge and experience. We developed the Hey abby App, where growers can connect with one another and receive live 1-on-1 expert service. Hey abby also monitors the plant’s lifecycle and rewards the user for reaching new milestones.


Hey abby: a growing community at your fingertips

Learn about Hey abby

Have you ever tried or thought about harvesting plants at home? Then the Hey abby Grow Box can help you thrive as a grower, no matter your experience level.

Connect to growers

Through the Hey abby Grow Box you can be a part of a growing community, where you can share your experience, ask questions, and learn more from other growers.

Purchase your grow box

Enjoy our exclusive discount and purchase your Hey abby Grow Box to enjoy the ultimate plant-growing experience.

Got a question?

Download the Hey abby app now and let the experts solve your growing queries. You can enhance your plant status in real-time and improve your growing knowledge.

Spread the word

We invite our growers to share their planting journey and help others with their experience and tips. Be an active member and build a growing community for all.


Grow it, Love it, Share it

Hey abby growers can share their harvests, home setup, ideas and their general thoughts about growing with their friends and peers.



1-on-1 Live Expert Assistance

Our seasoned indoor gardening experts can answer all your questions and walk you through each step. Rest assured that you’re in good hands with abby.



Grow Like A Pro

The pro version will give you access to all the specific control points where you can adjust every bulb to optimize each harvest as you wish.  

Personal Growing Guidance

Hey abby offers customized growing tips and advice. There’s no question too big or too small. It doesnt matter if it’s general or specific. We are here ready to help you.

Connecting Plant Enthusiasts

The Hey abby community is a growing hub where you can share those special moments between you and your plant, seek help, or have a general discussion amongst like-minded people who share the same passion as you.

A Deeper Understanding

With the Hey abby smart app, you can always keep an eye on your plant’s health, growth, water intake, and fertilizer use. You don’t have to worry or feel uncertain ever again.

Growing Calendar

Never stress about forgetting your plant’s needs because the Hey abby app notifies you when it’s time to refill the water tank, trim the plant, and any other action that is needed.  


1. What is abby?

abby is a smart, automated indoor growing system. With abby, you can easily grow a wide variety of plants and vegetables, bringing a garden into any room of the house.

2. What plant can I grow with abby?

You can grow your favorite herbs, veggies or flowers that take advantage of a deep water culture (DWC) system. Many popular plants can grow in a DWC system.

3. What is a Deep Water Culture (DWC) system?

A DWC system is a type of hydroponic farming that utilizes a reservoir that is rich in nutrients and oxygen. The roots of the plant are submerged in the reservoir while the plant grows as normal above.

4. Where can I download the hey abby App?

You can find “hey abby” in the App Store (launch date 3/15/22). Currently, we only have an iOS version. The Android version will be available in early 2023.