Tips To Make Your Indoor Garden A Success

othing is more satisfying than growing your own herbs, vegetables, or fruit, but being able to do it in the comfort of your own home is even better. Freshness is just steps away when using the abby automated grow box, the easiest and most convenient way to grow your own indoor garden.


1. Use Proper Soil and Nutrients

You may be tempted to plant your new vegetables or herbs in soil from outside. After all, that’s where most plants grow, right? Actually, you could be introducing harmful pests to your plant by using just any old dirt from outside. Also, such dirt tends to clump, creating an unfriendly environment for your plant by not giving it room to grow its roots. Fortunately, abby takes care of all your plant’s nutritious needs. Your subscription includes handy prepackaged nutrients and fertilizer that need to be added once per week. Just drop them in the designated spots and abby will do the rest. You’ll never have to worry about your plant’s health with abby.


2. Grow the Right Kinds of Plants


While you can grow many different types of plants with abby, not all are suitable because there isn’t enough room. These include corn, ocra, and some tomatoes, which can grow over six feet tall. Better choices are peppers, low-hanging tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, almost any herb, and low-hanging fruits such as strawberries. Talk to your local garden center to find out what other types of fresh fruits and vegetables to use with abby.


3. Give Your Plant the Perfect Amount of Light

Lighting is crucial to the health of most plants. Too little and it can’t photosynthesize. Too much and it could burn the leaves. Fortunately, abby always provides the perfect amount of light for your plant and even adjusts for day and night cycles so you’ll never have to give it a thought. abby comes installed with Samsung’s state-of-the-art LM301H lighting system that creates the perfect indoor environment. Never worry about positioning your plants in the right window of your home again.