Abby Subscription

Subscription Code

After purchasing your subscription package, you will receive a code via email. Go to the settings page in your app, click the “Extend Digital Service” option and enter this code to extend your validity period.


Please note: once you enter this code in the app, we will not be able to refund your subscription service.

The More You Grow The More We Grow

Through our subscription business model, we are able to continue growing as a company, but this is entirely dependent on making sure our customers have successful harvests every time. Our subscription package replenishes harvesting materials and nutrients, powers intelligent algorithms, and connects you to our one-on-one support team that is there to help you become a master grower.

Protecting Your Investment

Hey abby uses Amazon Web Services to power our environmental sensors and intelligent algorithms. Starting from Jan 1st, 2023, we will deposit 3% of the subscription income (up to $1000) as a reserve to AWS on a monthly basis. This will ensure that if Hey abby were to ever go out of business, our growers will still be able to continue growing without any interruption.

All-in-one Subscription

Sourcing everything for your hey abby grow box doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With our subscription, you’ll get everything you need to enjoy a truly optimized experience.

We deliver right to your door every three months

as well as provide continuous technical support online.

High-quality nutrients

Our prepackaged fertilizers require zero mixing and provide the perfect nutrient balance for your plants to grow.

It makes feeding your plants simple and mess-free.   

Worry-free ordering

We remove all guesswork from growing, so you never have to worry about ordering the wrong sizes. Our subscription package resupplies carbon filters and plant baskets,

which are perfectly designed for your hey abby grow box.

1-to-1 expert assistance

No matter your experience level, our support team will guide you every step of the way,

providing tips and feedback on how to get the most out of your experience.

Cloud climate control

Our cloud-powered data analytics provides your plant with precise climate conditions.

Growing any strain is now easier than ever before.

Always connected.

Always connected

Download the hey abby APP and become a part of our interactive plant community. Through pictures and posts you can earn Oxygen Tokens from other plant enthusiasts. Then convert them into collectible digital assets and rewards,

which can be exhibited and seen by others on the platform.

Grow Without Subscription?

Absolutely! You can still grow without our abby subscription, but you will have to source everything yourself and won’t have access to our smart adaptive sensors, leading to a less optimized growing experience.