Apollo BK Three-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine 1000w-6000w

Remcor Apollo BK series three chuck tube fiber laser cutting machine can cut all types of metal tubes, from mild steel to stainless and also non-ferrous metals. It is also valid for cutting some reflective metals like aluminum, brass and copper, etc. The thickness of the metal can be anywhere up to 30 mm. The diameters can be up to Ø 350mm tubes. Can cut different shapes on the surface of square tubes, oval tubes, U tubes or rectangular tubes or other special shape tube products. The most outstanding feature of our BK system is that can realize the real Zero-tailing cutting. And our automatic loading system freedom operator from the hard and heavy pipe loading problem.


Apollo BK Three-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine 1000w-6000w Features

Different shapes & Different sizes

1. All kinds of pipe processing, no need to change clamping scheme.


2. Match the three-dimension head to solve all kinds of the pipe inflection points.


3. CNC and CAM can calculate complex profile sections. Φ8-Φ440 mm range.


Max weight

600kgs load and unload maximum length up to 12M.


Raw material waste

Unique 3 chucks technology, zero tailing, high pipe utilization Average material can reduce up to 30%.


Labor cost

Real time, high precision, fast troubleshooting servo motor control automatic and semi load can be chosen.


Environment pollution

Dust collection box included full sealing chuck to prevent dust into chuck to have a longer lifetime.


Low efficiency

1. Simple to operate, new upgraded system with servo motor to realize the high automation and simplication.


2. High-precision chuck to make sure high speed, stability, high quality cutting.


3. Automatic loading and unloading to improve efficiency.


Apollo BK Three-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine 1000w-6000w Parameter Details






Power range


Chuck structure

3 chucks

Tube size

Round Type: Φ15-200mm

Round Type: Φ15-245mm

Round Type: Φ15-245mm

Round Type: Φ15-330mm

Square Type:15-140mm

Square Type:15-175mm

Square Type:15-175mm

Square Type:15-230mm

Positioning accuracy of x& y


Max positioning speed x&y



Max cutting length





Tail length

≥ 0mm

Max weight single tube





Max loading length






Fully Annealed Table

The bed body adapts the segmented rectangular tube welding bed with fully annealed treatment at over 600⁰. After tempering, the strength, rigidity and stability are guaranteed, the precision would be tested and debugged which can make sure the precision can be maintained for a long time. The table is equipped with automatic lubrication device, which ensure the moving parts operate in good condition and improve the service life of guide rails, gears and rack.


Follower Support

The follower support device will be optional. The follower support is mainly to assist in controlling the excessive deformation of cutting longer pipes (pipes with smaller diameter), and the servo motor drives the up and down movement of the pallet assembly. When the chuck moves to the corresponding position, the auxiliary support automatically drops for avoidance.


Smart Auto Focus Laser Head

Standard auto focus function, no need focus adjustment while changing sheet; Automatic tracking and accurately adjusting the focus according to the material thickness to ensure the best cutting effect of the whole board. Shorter perforation time, better perforation quality, high-speed cutting, saving time.


Intelligent CNC Operating System

tube laser cutting machine intelligent cnc operating system


It simplifies complex CNC machine operation and integrates CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one. From drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting all can be finished by a few clicks on big IPAD Screen. Realize the intelligent diagnosis, multi-threading operation, three-level perforation, laser energy control, adaptive edge-finding, automatic corner acceleration and deceleration, flight cutting, switching worktables, mechanical accuracy compensation etc.


Pneumatic Clamp Chucks

Pneumatic clamp design on both sides. The dual-chucks help reduce tube vibration to a minimum, guaranteeing high accuracy in even complex tube configurations at high cutting speed. Suitable for cutting a range of tube diameters from Ø20 mm to Ø220 mm and various wall thicknesses.


Front chuck

tube laser cutting machine front chuck


Back chuck

tube laser cutting machine back chuck


Fractional Automatic Support Technology

Applies the intelligent tube support design, which can solve the deformation problems in the process of long tube cutting.


Equipped with two sets of variable-diameter support structures, which are automatically lifted by the cylinder to avoid the rear chuck in processing. When processing profiles with different diameters, manually turn the variable-diameter wheels to achieve fit and support for different-sized profiles. The variable-diameter wheels It can be supported every two degrees of rotation to reduce the diameter of the circumscribed circular tube by 2mm