Scanning Solutions

Our scanner systems can process non-metallic and partial metallic materials. It is widely used in many industries, such as food packaging, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, architectural ceramics, buttons, craft gifts, electronic components, mobile phone casings, notebook and flat casing, stripping, film cutting, PCB bar code, shell nameplate, etc. Including laser marking card, cutting, welding, drilling, 3D printing, medical beauty, OCT imaging and other processing techniques.


Types Of Laser Scanning Solutions

Smart Laser Scanner

Simultaneously real-time control of scanner system and laser source.


Polygon Scanner

Rotary mirror has high linear speed, high efficiency performance, 15mm clear aperture, can withstand 10000 watt laser power.

High Power Galvanometer Welding System

High precision and high speed digital grating galvanometer, welding speed up to 3000mm/s.


4-axis Large Field Processing System

Using GMC control card independently developed by Han’s Scanner, the system can achieve high speed, high precision laser processing.


5-axis Laser Micromachining System

High speed and high precision of all digital galvanometer and digital voice coil motor to achieve high dynamic focusing accuracy, minimal tracking error.


Laser PD System

Real-time detection and reduction of manufacturing errors, scrap reduction and rework.


Fractional Galvanometer

Reliable transmission for transmission cable installment, double shield for strong anti-interference ability.