Body Oil

Whether it’s a refreshing spritz or a soothing massage, these oils are ideal for locking in moisture and delivering nourishing ingredients to dry skin.


Types of Body Oil

Anti-stretch Mark Body Oil


FAQs of Body Oil

Q: What does a body oil do?


Body oil can promote the blood circulation of the skin, promote cell regeneration and restore the elasticity of the skin.


Q: What is the difference between body oil and body lotion?


The texture of body lotion is usually like cream, which can be smeared evenly with fingers. Body oil is usually liquid. 2. The texture of body lotion is light and thin, which is more suitable for summer or oily skin; The texture of body oil will be more moist than body lotion, so it is more suitable for people in dry season or with dry skin.


Q: How can we choose Body Oil according to different skin types?


Body oil is more suitable for dry skins,