One-box Base Station Products

Hytera’s small base station product has an integrated design with small size and easy installation, which can greatly reduce the customer’s CAPEX and OPEX. The portfolio is divided into two categories according to the mode, 4G and 5G integrated base stations. According to scenarios, it is divided into the outdoor integrated macro base station, outdoor integrated micro base station, indoor integrated pico-cell, indoor integrated femeto-cell, repeater, etc., and the frequency bands






Compared with the macro station, Hytera small cell solution has low production cost, easy mesh and less civil work, significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX.



Integrated design, tiny and easy installation


Hytera small cell products can be installed in a single box mounted on walls and poles. It takes only two days from site survey to installation, debug.



Flexible backhaul, plug and play


Hytera small cell can support public broadband, IPRAN, PTN, microwave and satellite backhaul. When power on and backhaul ready, remote configuration can finish the PnP.


Application Scenarios

5G Small Cell Solution – Industrial Internet

Indoor Residential Small Cell Deployment

Network Densification for Hot Spot in City

Indoor Enterprise Small Cell Deployment