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Through the optical three-dimensional scanning technology, Visbody 3D body scanner can generate a high-precision 3D body model within 10 seconds. Based on 3D avatar, it can carry out posture evaluation, circumference measurement,3D model comparison, etc… And it integrates BIA technology to help users quickly obtain body composition.


Visbody R-Explorer Human Body 3D Scanner Features

The innovative body scan analysis model can provide an intuitive full body scanning experience and a more stable body composition testing process.


Visbody R- Explorer 3D Body Scanner Features

Hybrid Technology

Full body composition analysis is done by standard MFBIA (5, 50, 250kHz) tech; Get your 3D avatar within 10 seconds by Visbody original IBS tech.


Automatic Experience

Interact with Visbody 3D body scanning machine by raising your left or right arm; Clear and easy-to-understand tutorial instruction.


Comprehensive Data

Essential body composition measurements report for your overall health and wellness status; Track your historical body change with detailed data.


Body Composition Assessment Report

15 Core Parameters Of Body Composition Analysis Test


9 Key Types Of Body Posture Analysis


9 Main Measurement Of Body Circumference Test


Up To 6 Times Historical Data Comparison


3 Dimensional Real Body Scanning Avatar


Body Fat Percentage Assessment


Optional Flexibility Test Of Shoulder Function