Body Scrub


Reveal a glowing radiance from head to toe with these exfoliators & body scrubs formulated to remove dulling dead skin cells and leave your skin nothing but healthy, supple, smooth and fresh.


Types of Body Scrub Product

Walnut Shell Body Scrub

Cellulose Body Scrub

Foaming Salt Scrub

Foaming Sugar Scrub

Coffee Scrub

Cream Body Scrub

FAQs of Body Scrub

Q: What does a body scrub do?


The main function of body scrub is to remove the cutin on the body and the dirt and dirt in the deep layer of the skin, so that the skin can better absorb nutrients. body scrub belongs to one of the exfoliating products. In addition to scrub cream, exfoliating products also have skin care products with salicylic acid as the main material.


Q: Which body part can body scrub be used for?


Scrubs could be used on elbow, knee, foot, lower abdomen, hip and other parts that need to be exfoliated. Gently massage the skin for 2-3 minutes. Remember not to rub the skin.


Q: How can we choose Body Scrub according to different skin types?


People’s skin can be divided into four types: dry, oily, neutral and sensitive. As a professional private label body scrub manufacturer in China, we have different body scrub products for people of different skin types. People with neutral skin types can use different scrubs according to their needs. While our cream body scrub is designed for dry skins, moisturizing properties can help skin keep moistured after using scrubs. Our foaming salt scrub is welcomed among people with oily skins.