Chongqing Natural History Museum

Chongqing Natural History Museum is a time-honored museum, whose predecessor is the Science Academy of West China that was founded by the patriotic businessman, Lu Zuofu in 1930 and the West Museum of China that was a cooperative formed by the Chinese West Academy and more than ten other famous institutions in 1943.


The Museum is located at the foot of Jinyun Mountain in Beibei, covering an area of 14.4 ha. with the floor area of 30,842-meter squares and the exhibition area of 16,252 meter squares. It contains six permanent exhibitions: Animal Planet, Dinosaur World, Landscape Metropolis, Earth Mystery, LifeStream, Ecological Homeland, which mainly display the evolution of the earth and life, biodiversity, as well as the natural history of Chongqing, mainly expound the relationships among natural resources, environment and human activities, advocating the harmony of human and nature and sustainable development.


In addition, this project also includes planning of exterior space, which will focus on “Experience nature, Learn from nature, Discover nature”, designing some exterior projects to create a Museum-park merging into Nature.


Parents can take their children to see more than 110,000 dinosaur skeletons, teeth, eggs, African elephants and polar bears. In addition, there is a dinosaur fossil restoration laboratory, through which visitors can watch the process of researchers repairing dinosaur fossils through the glass window, and watch the spherical science exhibition system that displays the global ocean, atmosphere, meteorology and space exploration research results on the three-dimensional “earth”.