Burlap Ribbon Bulk

Delicatedecor provides burlap ribbon bulk, including 10 inch deco mesh wholesale of burlap ribbon and 2 inch wired burlap ribbon and so on, which gives rustic charm to your decoration.


We supply burlap mesh ribbon wholesale of different materials, with various styles and good quality at suitable prices. Different materials are used for the packaging of different items, scenes and festivals to meet the needs of different customers.


Burlap Ribbon Roll Wholesale with Different Materials

Linen Fabric Rolls(Ribbons)

Cotton Fabric Rolls(Ribbons)

Jute Fabric Rolls(Ribbons)


Burlap Fabric Ribbons And Bright Colors

black burlap ribbon emphasized the black glitter for a dazzling effect.

blue burlap ribbon is beautiful and fresh, making the gift look comfortable.

Gold symbolizes nobility. By decorating golden burlap ribbon, gifts look very high-end.

Grey represents calmness,so grey hessian ribbon is suitable for gifting on solemn occasions.

pink fabric ribbon offers a charming accent to retail product displays, gifts, and crafts to girls.

Purple is an elegant and rich color, and purple mesh ribbon is very suitable for intellectually mature women.

Red represents lucky and festive, and red burlap wired ribbon is often used in Christmas.

White represents purity, and the unique pattern design of white fabric ribbon is used in the icing on the cake.

Yellow represents hope. You can use yellow poly burlap mesh for retail product display, gift giving, and crafts.


Burlaps and Ribbons Available Sizes

1 inch burlap ribbon: 1 inch burlap ribbon is flexible and easy to work to make small wonderful bows.


2 inch burlap ribbon:2 inch wired burlap ribbon is comfortable and soft, suitable for packing 8-inch birthday cakes and birthday gifts.

4 inch burlap ribbon: 4 inch wired burlap ribbon is suitable for packaging and used to make a bow to decorate the Christmas tree, adding a romantic atmosphere.

6 inch burlap ribbon:6 inch deco mesh rolls is suitable for making a banner or a large bow to decorate the interior.

9 inch burlap ribbon: 9-inch yellow burlap roll is very eye-catching and suitable for holiday slogans.

10 inch burlap ribbon:The 10-inch size is larger and 10 inch deco mesh wholesale are more affordable.


Ribbons Bulk Buy Guide


Burlap Ribbon Ideas Perfect For Christmas

Our natural burlap ribbon adds a charming color to holiday gifts and decorations. It is light in weight and crisp to the touch. The styles of burlap ribbon rolls vary from scene to scene For example, On one side of our hessian Christmas ribbon is a rural scene where a truck is plunged into the snow, and it is emphasized with a gleaming accent. Wired holiday ribbon is very suitable for hessian Christmas bows. It is an ideal choice for Christmas fabric trim.


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