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Clean Room Door

This Door system is widely applied to hospitals, medical centers, clean rooms and electronic factories. We use 304 stainless steel panle with honey comb insert to make clean room door. There are two interts which are paper honeycomb and aluminium honey comb. In order to prevent dusts, we have added a brush seal on the bottom. The door could be operated with interlock system which is much safer than ordinary types.


Types Of Clean Room Door

Stainless Steel Clean room Door

Clean room door has several material options. Stainless steel door is rust-resistant and has a long service life. But the cost is comparatively higher than ordinary steel or compact panel.

Pharmaceutical Clean Room Door

Pharmaceutical industry has critical standards on workplaces especially assembly lines and lab rooms. Pharmaceutical door is an ideal choice to avoid cross-contamination.

Medical Clean Room Door

Hospitals always need clean air and no contamination. Clean room door is anti-dust and has good hermetic performance to ensure no bacteria build up on panels.

Manual Clean Room Door

We have manual and automatic clean room doors. Manual room door is smaller than automatic type as it is lighter so people could handle it with hands.

GMP Clean Room Door

Xinyi GMP door meets GMP standards. They could be adapted to the food industry, hospitals, pharmaceutical, retail or leisure industry.

Food Storage Cleanroom Door

Food processing workplaces need the area to be clean and no dust. Clean room door with its special features could stop dust flow-in when the door closed as its bottom is equipped with a brush.

COVID-19 Isolation Door

Isolation door has been specifically designed for hospital environments and modular hospitals. Its function is to separate a hazardous area from the rest of working place and ensure patients do not get cross-contaminated.

Hygienic Glass Sliding Door

Glass clean room sliding doors provide a large view area for people to check the situation inside of the room. It has the feature of hygienic doors as well as transparent appearance, places requiring visibility can install this type of door.

Antimicrobial Hygienic Door

Clean room door has a smooth structure and painted finish which means that no bacteria is able to build upon the panel. It also has seamless surroundings, that’s why it is called an antimicrobial door.

Clean Room Powder Coated Steel Door

Coated steel is one of clean room door materials. In the market, many clean room doors are made of coated steel as it’s economical. We also have stainless steel and compact.

Hygienic GRP Door

Hygienic door can be used in various areas but are ideally suited to areas requiring maximum hygiene, cleanability and durability. They are ideally good for pharmaceutical, food, health.