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This is a drive-in racking case of Maobang cold storage racking system used in food cold storage at minus 40 degrees. Due to the low temperature, cold-resistant materials are specially selected for the steel raw materials of the shelves and the powder sprayed on the surface. Because it is a food factory, the cold room racking system spraying uses safe and pollution-free environmentally friendly materials.


Features of drive-in racks for cold storage racking:

Except for the cargo space near the aisle, the drive in racking system needs to enter the cold storage rack to access the goods. Usually, it is recommended that the single sided pick up does not exceed the depth of 7 cargo spaces. In order to increase the operating speed of forklifts, guide rails can be selected according to actual needs. Compared with beam racks, the storage space utilization rate of through-type racks (drive-in racks) can be increased by more than 30%. ) This knid of cold room storage racks is widely used in wholesale, cold storage, food and tobacco industries.