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Aluminum Insulated Door

Rolling doors available in a variety of materials, our line of rolling doors and counter shutters perform in the most demanding environments. We have comprehensive types of rolling doors offered with different materials such as pvc, aluminium, steel and acrylic. Aluminum roller shutter doors are made of sandwich panel and gaskets offering excellent insulation performance.


Specifications Of Aluminum Insulated Door


Product Information


Aluminum Roll Up Door

Door Panel

Thickness of Aluminum is 1.5 mmAnodized surfacePolyurethane (without CFC)

Vertical track


Available Colors

Gray, white, red, beige etc

Safety Device

Photocell Sensor/Safety edge bottom

Motor Option

German SEW & Nord/China SEJSize from 0.75JW – 2.2 KW accordingly to different requirements

Gas tightness

8.68 m ³ / (m ² • h),national standard level 3

Opening Type:

Radar Sensor, Floor Sensor, Remote Control, Push button, Rope Swtich ect

Package: Carton box package for full container, Plywood box package for partial container

Surface Treatment: Paint coated

MOQ and Lead Time: 1 set,3 days


Features Of Aluminum Insulated Door


Well designed by Xinyi, our aluminium rolling door is well-sealed, durable, and compact


The operation can be manual push-up, chain hoist, waist-high crank hoist, or power operation


This aluminium rolling door is designed to withstand wind load of up to 60 PSF in a fully closed position, and it can also be designed to withstand higher wind load upon request.


The advanced and reliable drive control system ensures safe and accurate door operation


How To Clean Aluminum Garage Door?

As the aluminum alloy is waterproof, the best way to clean an aluminum insulated door is to use the metal cleaning agent. After applying the metal cleaning agent onto the surface of the aluminum roll-up doors, you can wait for a period of time and then rinse the cleaning agent off with high-pressure water guns. Moreover, in the daily cleaning and maintenance process, it is also very necessary to remove the dust inside the motor of the aluminium insulated roller shutter. You can constantly add appropriate drops of lubricating oil to the motor so as to maintain its normal use.