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Our houseware moulds can produce everything needed for daily life. From bathroom to kitchen, from storage to cleaning supplier, Jeward Mould offers various types and styles of plastic houseware products.


Advantages of Jeward Houseware Moulds

It’s hard to find a house without plastic houseware products in anywhere of the world. For daily products, customers are concerned about the products cost performance and reliability. We, a plastic mold making company,  pay great attention to manufacturing good-quality plastic container moulds while lowering the production cost.


To Realize The Renewable Goal: Jeward Houseware Moulds

Developing at a full speed up to now, the plastic houseware industry has stepped into a new period. Customers are not only satisfied with the basic function but also pay attention to the product’s design and environmental protection. Products with exquisite design and environmental-friendly are taking more and more space in the demanding market. In the last few years, all kinds of knitted pattern designs are being popular around the world. Also, the product of biodegradable biological composite material gains lots of attention, although it’s still in the promotion period.