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Bird food is a popular option for pet bird owners who want to provide a convenient and nutritious diet. The process that removes moisture from the food while preserving its nutritional value and flavor results in a lightweight and easily stored food that can be rehydrated in water before feeding. As a professional bird food manufacturer, BZY provides wholesale bird foods with consistently high quality. Our bulk bird food can contain a mix of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and insects, providing a well-rounded diet for a variety of bird species. Its long shelf life and easy storage make it a great option for bird owners who wish to maintain a varied and healthy diet for their feathered friends.


Bird Food Wholesale List

Dried Cuttlefish Bone for Birds

Cuttlefish bones usually need to be washed and peeled, and then boiled in water to remove the salt inside, and then dried for the parrot to eat. Cuttlefish bones contain a lot of calcium components, c…

White/Yellow/Red/Black/Brown Millet Seed for Bird

Millet seed is the staple food of most birds, containing pigeons and birds daily need crude fiber, protein and other nutrients, is a good choice for birds to supplement nutrition.

Why Get Bird Seed Bulk Wholesale From BZY Pet?



BZY bird food wholesale is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients, allowing birds to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.


Convenient storage:


Lightweight, our bird seed wholesale doesn’t require refrigeration, making it convenient to store and carry.


Promotes natural behaviour:


Some varieties of bird food contain whole insects, which promote the hunting and foraging behaviour of birds.




BZY wholesale bird seed can contain a combination of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and insects, providing a diverse and well-rounded meal for the bird.


Easy to feed:


Our dehydrated bird food is easy and quick to rehydrate in water before feeding.


How to Feed Bird Food?

1. Determine the amount and frequency of feeding based on the bird’s species, size and age.


2. Follow the guidelines on the food packaging regarding portion size.


3. Offer the food in a clean cup or dish, free from dust and debris.


4. Monitor the bird’s appetite and adjust the feeding schedule or amount accordingly.


5. Offer fresh water often and check the water dish regularly for any debris or buildup.


6. For some species of birds, small portions of fresh fruit or vegetables can be added to the freeze-dried bird food to provide additional variety and nutrition.


BZY Wholesale Bird Food FAQS


How long can bird food be stored?


Wholesale bird food typically has a longer shelf life than other types of pet foods, ranging from several months to years.



What’s the best way to store bird seed?


Store wholesale bird seeds in a cool, dry place. It is suggested that bird owners should use plastic containers.



Can Bird Owners Feed Bird Food Exclusively?


While bird food is a nutritious food source, it’s important to provide variety in a bird’s diet to ensure they receive a balanced diet.



How Often Should Bird Owners Change Bird Food In Hummingbird Feeder?


In order to keep the food fresh, you should change out the bird food once a week.