Crane Load Test Dynamometer

The Crane Load Test Dynamometer by MATCHAU is a high-precision device used to measure and validate the load capacity of cranes and lifting equipment. It ensures safe and efficient lifting operations by providing accurate weight readings, contributing to enhanced safety and compliance in industrial settings.


Crane Load Test Dynamometer Types

Wireless Dynamometer

Also known as a wireless dyna-link, the wireless dynamometer is a set that includes one load cell, two shackles, and one wireless handheld indicator. You have the flexibility to choose the components you need, and it’s not an issue if you don’t require all of them.

Load Cell Shackle

MATCHAU’s load shackles, also known as wireless crane scales, are a perfect addition to our standard dynamometer version. They are particularly useful in scenarios where traditional dynamometers may restrict distance or movement, or when safety considerations necessitate a larger gap between the operator and the load shackles.


Why Is Crane Load Test Dynamometer Important?

Safety Assurance: Crane Load Test Dynamometer is essential for verifying that cranes and lifting equipment operate within their safe working load limits, preventing overloading and ensuring the safety of personnel and assets during lifting operations.


Compliance Verification: The dynamometer helps ensure compliance with safety regulations and industry standards, allowing businesses to meet legal requirements and maintain a safe working environment.


Equipment Reliability: Regular load testing with the dynamometer helps identify potential issues and weaknesses in the crane or lifting equipment, enabling timely maintenance and enhancing overall equipment reliability, reducing downtime, and extending the equipment’s lifespan.


FAQ of Crane Load Test Dynamometer

What is a Crane Load Test Dynamometer?

A Crane Load Test Dynamometer is a precision instrument used to measure the load capacity of cranes and lifting equipment accurately.

How Does a Crane Load Test Dynamometer Work?

The dynamometer is attached to the crane or lifting equipment, and it measures the force exerted during lifting operations, providing real-time weight readings.

Are Crane Load Test Dynamometers Portable?

Yes, many dynamometers are designed to be portable, making them convenient to use in different locations for load testing.