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alth and growth of these animals, making high-quality aquaculture feed a critical component of successful aquaculture production.


Aquaculture Fish Food Bulk List

Brine Shrimp

It is a convenient food source for fish and other aquatic animals in aquariums or hatcheries. They can be stored for a long time and offer nutritional benefits.

Flake Feed

This wholesale aquaculture fish feed series is a convenient and long-lasting food source for fish and other aquatic animals in aquariums or hatcheries. It provides essential nutrients and is easy to use.

Extruded Feed

This aquaculture feed is a type of fish food that has been processed into a compact form. It provides essential nutrients and is convenient and easy to use in aquariums or hatcheries.

Biological Feed

It is a type of food source for fish and other aquatic animals that contains live organisms, such as copepods or rotifers. It offers nutritional benefits and encourages natural feeding behaviors.

Why Get Wholesale Aquaculture Fish Feed From BZY Pet?



BZY aqua feed products can be stored for a long time.




Our aquaculture fish feed provides essential nutrients to fish and other aquatic animals, such as vitamins, minerals, and protein.


Encourages natural feeding behaviors:


Aquaculture feed can encourage natural feeding behaviors in fish and other aquatic animals.


Reduces risk of disease:


It reduces the risk of introducing diseases to the aquarium or hatchery as it is free from contaminants and pathogens.


Suitable for a variety of species:


Our aquaculture fish food is also suitable for most species of fish and other aquatic animals, making it a versatile food option.


How to Feed Freeze Dried Aquaculture Feed?

1. Determine the amount and frequency of feeding based on the type of animal you have and how many you have


2. Follow the instructions on the packaging for portion size


3. Feed the food to the animals by scattering it over the surface of the water, or by using a feeding dish.


4. Remove any uneaten food after 5-10 minutes to avoid excess nutrients and potential water quality issues.


5. If feeding hatchling or juvenile fish, make sure to break the food into small pieces and feed more often to support their growth.


6. Monitor your animal’s appetite and adjust the feeding schedule and amount accordingly.


BZY Dried Aquaculture Fish Food FAQS


How long can aqua feed products be stored?


Aquaculture feed can be stored for a long time, usually up to 2 years.



Is freeze-dried aquaculture feed better than live food?


Freeze-dried aquaculture feed can be a convenient and nutritious food source for aquatic animals, but live food offers natural feeding behaviors and can be more beneficial in some cases.



How do I know my fish is getting enough food?


The easiest way to judge is to look at the stomach of the fish. The belly of a thin fish is concave, and the belly of a full fish is slightly round.



How often should fish be fed with aquaculture fish feed?


Feed in moderation 2-3 times a day, and finish eating within 2-3 minutes each time. Follow the principle of eating less and eating more, and feed according to the water temperature, water quality and fish status to avoid overfeeding.