• $3000

Disinfect Robot

Fdata’s disinfectant robots are named after models beginning with A1 and are available in disinfectant spray, UV disinfector, and other germicidal forms. The disinfecting robots can be used in hospitals and other public areas for autonomous extermination, reducing human contact and the risk of infection.


Common application scenarios of disinfectant bots: hospitals, hotels, streets, parks, schools, squares, mansions.



1. Intelligent obstacle avoidance. Disinfectant bots are equipped with new 360-degree omnidirectional obstacle avoidance technology, comprehensive perception of indoor dynamics + autonomous planning navigation and obstacle avoidance, SLAM, and multi-sensor fusion.


2. Intelligent disinfection. Hospital disinfection robot can realize the separation of human and machine, with a variety of disinfection modes, to meet the disinfection needs of different scenes.


3. Multi-machine collaboration. Disinfecting robots through independent research and development of communication system so that intelligent coordination to achieve AI distribution scheduling, ensure multi-robot collaboration, safety and more efficient completion of disinfection tasks.