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Types of Material Handling Robot

Forklift AGV

Multiway Robotics provide comprehensive intelligent manufacturing and intelligent storage solutions for hardware vectors, combined with flexible intelligent visual systems, visualized upper management systems, pla…


Tugger AGV

Not limited by the site environment, indoor and outdoor scenes are fully covered, and connected with other automatic mechanical systems to meet the needs of large tonnage goods.



Without complex programming, it can complete the task with the help of a complete upper system. Open interface can be applied in different scenarios to match the changes of different production lines, production units and process requirements.


FAQ of Material Handling Robot

What is a robotic handling device?

Multiway WMS robots are hardware vectors with unmanned forklift/AMR and empower machine vision and complete upper system.


Positioning System: Combine two or more navigation methods, including reflector, laser SLAM, and inertial guidance.


Control System: Based on the optimal control algorithm of modern control theoretical research and development, the transverse error compensation of deep learning is used; the vehicle body of various driving methods is supported, and the robust control algorithm can be supported.


Scheduling System: Supports hundreds of different models of vehicles operate at the same time, ensure system efficiency optimization, and quickly plan the optimal route, complete tasks in the shortest time.