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Hospital Delivery Robot

Fdata’s hospital delivery robot, named after the model beginning with A8, can perform point-to-point medical material transportation and delivery functions autonomously, reducing human contact and improving safety. Hospital delivery robots are equipped with high-precision positioning and navigation system and perception obstacle avoidance system to enable them to safely and efficiently perform the delivery of materials in the hospital. These robots used in hospitals also have functions such as a self-riding elevator, automatic charging, and authority management as well as supporting a 5G network connection.



1, Wide range of delivery, box body modular design.


Hospital delivery robots can be used for medicine, foods, surgical clothing, high-value consumable material, and other things’ distribution, optional separation of the integrated box, supporting box modular customization, to meet the special demands of hospital departments.


2. Intelligent IoT, self-riding elevator.


The hospital delivery robot can independently plan the route and avoid obstacles, call the elevator independently on the network, automatically open and close the door, realizing the transportation of materials across floors; This indoor mobile robot can also return to charge independently when it is idle, which can theoretically realize 24-hour uninterrupted delivery.


3. Digital management, the whole process can be traced.


Our robots used in hospitals can seamlessly connect to the hospital management systems, including HIS, HERP, SPD, etc. Through a self-developed scheduling system, they can carry out inventory management, realize drug traceability and personnel traceability, and improve digital management levels.


4. Multiple verification methods, high security.


Hospital delivery robot has face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and ID card recognition, and can be set up to authorize registration to reduce the risk of wrong and mistakenly taking, and improve the safety of the goods in the process of transportation.