• $3000

Restaurant Service Robot

Restaurant server robot can be used in different restaurant scenarios, such as Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, wine clubs, drive-in restaurants, etc., playing a great role in these use scenarios.


The restaurant service robot can be responsible for delivering meals, drinks, and beverages, which highly reduces the walking distance of waiters and reduces the number of waiters; it can also complete the work of plate recycling and reduce the workload of waiters.


At the same time, restaurants bots can also collaborate with the back kitchen to directly complete the delivery work from the back kitchen to the table.





Autonomous Positioning and Navigation: delivery according to the dining needs of different tables in the restaurant, linking the back kitchen and the table, highly improving the delivery efficiency.


Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance: in the restaurant, staff walking complex occasions, the restaurant server robot can independently carry out intelligent obstacle avoidance to ensure the operation safety.


Self-service Ordering: the restaurant service robot can interact with the user, and the user can independently place orders online, and the user can also self-checkout at the robot after the meal.


Plate Return: use the restaurants bots instead of manual return and delivery of dinner plates.



1. Autonomous reception.


2. Using unified service standards, Fdata guarantees consistent service quality of our restaurants bots.


3. Doing a lot of tedious, repetitive, and monotonous work, restaurant robot waiters can greatly reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.


4. Using restaurant server robot can not only solve the international labor shortage problem but also improve the customer dining experience.