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Drone Accessories

IDFTECH is not only specialized in manufacturing professional waterproof fishing drones with long battery life but also can provide all kinds of drone fishing accessories with competitive price, including drone bait dropper, fishing drone battery, fishing drone charger, drone connector, fishing drone ESC, etc.


Fishing Drone Fishing Bait Release & Dropper


The IDF-BR-480 drone bait dropper kit is a patented product specially developed by IDFTECH for flying fishing drones. The special structural design makes this drone bait dropper easier for anglers to place the fishing line on the fishing dispenser. The small and light structure design plus the smallest waterproof steering gear and the smallest 1080P camera minimizes the weight of the drone bait release system.


Fishing Drone Battery


IDEAFLY’s DF-B-7300 customized version of high-capacity high-voltage lithium batteries are all strictly screened and matched during the manufacturing process, which greatly ensures the consistency of each drone battery. The service life of our small drone battery has been increased by 10%-15% compared to ordinary batteries. The 4.3V high voltage design can make the flying fish drone use longer and cycle more. Anglers do not need to change batteries frequently, making the fishing experience of our Poseidon 480 drone even better.


IDFTECH 6S Battery Charger for Poseidon-480PRO Waterproof Fishing Drone


IDF-C1 high-voltage drone charger provides good charging for customized high-voltage batteries. This charger for a drone is safe, simple to operate, and has a fast charging speed. It is more suitable for users with less experience. Most fishing drone with camera used by anglers are unfamiliar users. The equipment they use needs to be safe and stable, and the operation is simple. This charger fully meets this requirement.