• $650

Fishing Drone Fishing Bait Release & Dropper

Camera: 1080P

The IDF-BR-480 drone bait dropper kit is a patented product specially developed by IDFTECH for flying fishing drones. The special structural design makes this drone bait dropper easier for anglers to place the fishing line on the fishing dispenser. The small and light structure design plus the smallest waterproof steering gear and the smallest 1080P camera minimizes the weight of the drone bait release system.


Drone Fishing Release Mechanism

Fishing drones are used to aid in the precise placement of fish baits. Fishermen will hang the bait and a miniature camera on the drone and then manipulate the drone to fly over the ocean. Then, the drone bait dropper will cast the bait close to the fish. In the whole process, the drone actually acts as a “fisherman’s eyes” and helps fishermen to found targets more quickly and accurately, thereby greatly saving the waiting time for anglers. With the help of the drone bait release system, the drone can realize 8-10 round trips of long-distance continuous casting rods.