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Fishing Drone Battery

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IDEAFLY’s DF-B-7300 customized version of high-capacity high-voltage lithium batteries are all strictly screened and matched during the manufacturing process, which greatly ensures the consistency of each drone battery.  The service life of our small drone battery has been increased by 10%-15% compared to ordinary batteries. The 4.3V high voltage design can make the flying fish drone use longer and cycle more. Anglers do not need to change batteries frequently, making the fishing experience of our Poseidon 480 drone even better.


How Long Does A Drone Battery Last?

Generally speaking, the average flight time for the drones on the current market is around 20 mins, and some lower-quality ones can only conduct flying missions for 5 to 10 minutes. Whereas, the small drone battery for sale at IDEAFLY can support our water-resistant drone for around 30 mins, which has greatly extended the flight time.


How To Make Drone Battery Last Longer?

Drone batteries are an important part of a drone’s power system. They are expensive, and only when properly used and maintained can the drone battery last longer. During the daily storage, the battery body, handle, wire rod and power plug should be checked regularly to see whether the appearance is damaged, deformed, corroded, discolored, or broken and whether the connection between the plug and the aircraft is too loose.


After the flight, the temperature of our small drone battery will be high. At this time, the charging of the drone battery should be avoided. Only when the battery temperature drops below 40℃, can the drone battery be charged with the drone battery charger (the optimal charging temperature range of the flight battery is 5℃ to 40℃). And it is recommended to charge the battery slowly.


Are Drone Batteries Interchangeable?

Theoretically speaking, it is okay to interchange the drone batteries. However, IDEAFLY does not recommend our customers to change the original drone batteries into the ones with different specifications and power ranges, as it may cause some safety issues.