• $650

Fishing Drone Flight Control

Flight controller: NAZA-M-V2                                                     

Maximum rising speed: 6m/s

Maximum falling speed: 4.5m/s

Maximum horizontal flight speed: 10m/s

Maximum tilt angle: 35°

Working temperature: -10℃-50℃

Hover accuracy: vertical±0.8m, horizontal±2.5m

Maximum wind speed level: c

The Poseidon-PRO fishing drone adopts the most representative flight control system NAZA-M V2 multi-rotor flight controller of the world-renowned drone manufacturer DJI. NAZA-M V2 has all the DJI drone controller expect the extraordinary stability, built-in automatic GPS heading correction function and GPS compass interference monitoring function, the combination of the two can provide more stable flight and minimum electromagnetic interference. More suitable for complex fishing environment