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Fiber Optical Communication Solution is a comprehensive and advanced system designed for efficient and reliable data transmission over long distances. It consists of various components such as fiber optic cables, transceivers, optical amplifiers, and multiplexers. This solution offers high-speed data transfer, wide bandwidth, and low latency, making it ideal for telecommunications, internet service providers, and corporate networks.


ODN Network

Optical Distribution Network (ODN for short). ODN is an FTTH optical cable network based on PON equipment. Its role is to provide optical transmission channels between OLT and ONU. In terms of function, ODN can be divided into four parts: the feeder optical cable subsystem, the distribution optical cable subsystem, the home line optical cable subsystem and the optical fiber terminal subsystem from the central office end to the user end.

Fiber Optic Solution for Triple Play Network

Triple Play Network

In short, the “Triple Play Network” are the integration between cable television, telecommunications and computer communication. The purpose is to build a sound and efficient communication network to meet the needs of social development. The three-network integration has high requirements for the application practice of technology. In the future, mobile phones can watch TV and surf the Internet. TV can call, Internet access, and computer can also call and watch TV.

Fiber Optic Solution for Telecommunication


Telecommunication refers to the use of electronic technology to pass information between different places. Telecom includes different types of long-distance communication methods, such as: radio, telegraph, TV, telephone, data communication, and computer network communication. Telecom is an important pillar of an information society.

Fiber Optic Solution for Data Center

Data Center

Internet data center (IDC) refers to a comprehensive device (including high-speed Internet access bandwidth, high-performance LAN, safe and reliable computer room environment, etc.), professional management, and perfect application service platform. Based on this platform, IDC service providers provide customers with Internet basic platform services (server hosting, virtual hosting, mail cache, virtual mail, etc.), and various value-added services (rental services, domain name system services, load balancing systems, database systems, data backup services, etc.).

Fiber Optic Solution for FTTH


Fibre (Fiber) to the Home (FTTH) is a transmission method for optical fiber communication. Specifically, FTTH refers to installing the optical network unit (ONU) at home users or business users. It is the optical access application type of the optical access to the user except FTTD (optical fiber to the desktop). The significant technical characteristics of FTTH are not only providing greater bandwidth, but also enhance the transparency of the network for data format, rate, wavelength, and protocols, relax the requirements of environmental conditions and power supply, and simplify maintenance and installation. PON technology has become a hot spot for global broadband operators, and is considered one of the best technical solutions to realize FTTH.